We deliver Human Resources and business improvement services and advice to protect and grow your business and help you and your team thrive


HR Templates and Contracts

  • Contracts of employment
  • Job descriptions, including advice on job design
  • HR process design (e.g. an induction process, performance review process etc)
  • Policies/standards
  • Creating a comprehensive HR manual tailored for your business

Records and Compliance

  • Generalist HR advice and guidance on National and State system requirements
  • Reviewing HR Information Systems
  • Advice on the use and collection of private information

Performance and Termination

  • Performance management including advice and support when dealing with underperformance
  • Workplace investigations and reporting
  • Grievance and issue resolution services

Training and Development

  • Creation of company inductions
  • HR coaching for supervisors/managers
  • Creation of your business onboarding strategy
  • Delivering inductions and awareness training
  • Aligning performance to skills and training needs


  • Designing easy tools and processes for companies to ‘fish for themselves’
  • Creating comprehensive recruitment strategies
  • Recruitment activities (including full management of the vacancy)
  • Writing and placing adverts
  • Shortlisting, interviews and interview guides
  • Reference checking
  • Managing a recruitment team/service provider


  • Developing Terms and Conditions
  • Advice on market salaries
  • Formalising bonus or incentive schemes

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Business improvement

Staff Engagement

  • Internal communications
  • Staff and stakeholder engagement

Change Management

  • Project implementation
  • Managing the impact of change on employees

Business Improvement

  • Engaging staff in business improvement
  • Support to plan and achieve business improvements and results

RAW Human Resources have made our lives easier by being available whenever we require them when we have to deal with matters regarding staffing, compliance forms, training and any general HR enquiries.