Why RAW?

  • We set up RAW Human Resources because we wanted to apply what we’d learned in big businesses to help small and medium-sized businesses maximise their most important asset: their teams.
  • For us RAW means down-to-earth, no-nonsense and simple.
  • It also stands for ready, able and willing.
  • Because we believe good quality HR practices enable your team to be ready, able and willing to help your business thrive.

Our approach

  • We know dealing with human resource issues isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.
  • Based on feedback from our clients, we know that small and medium-sized businesses need a reliable professional HR partner they can turn to when they need help.
  • That’s why we’re happy to take calls outside of standard office hours.
  • We work with clients from a wide range of sectors including hospitality, construction and engineering, oil and gas, professional services and health care.
  • Some clients pick up the ‘phone when they need help, while others meet with us on a regular basis. We can tailor our approach to suit your needs. Either way, we work as part of your team.


Our Team

Rob Sheppard (Director)

Rob has been leading and managing frontline human resources (HR) and recruitment functions for businesses for over 17 years. He enjoys the nitty gritty of hands-on HR work and loves getting into the detail with clients on their HR issues and coming up with workable, practical solutions.

Rob has worked in both small business and retail franchise through to managing the HR function for global projects in excess of $450 million. He’s also managed multi-discipline teams spread across national and international locations.

He is a Chartered Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and holds academic qualifications in Human Resources Management and Marketing.

Rob is passionate about the benefits that good HR practices can bring to small business owners and their companies, and loves dealing with those tricky HR compliance and performance issues that others run a mile to avoid!

When he’s not helping small businesses thrive you’ll find him taking photos or planning and cooking family meals.

Clare Mullen (Director)

Clare has over 20 years’ experience of managing projects and people, planning and implementing change, and managing internal and external communications in small, medium and large organisations in Australia and the UK.

She has a Master’s degree in Marketing and is trained in change management, project management, facilitation, and Gestalt psychotherapy.

Clare loves working with managers to plan how to motivate and engage staff in continuous business improvement. She has received positive feedback about her creativity and ability to see the big picture, while also focusing on delivering the detail. Her positive and enthusiastic approach is a benefit to teams as they look at doing things differently.

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